The world’s mobile network for verifiable youth commerce backed by $Yth

Powered by buyers, financiers and stakeholders.

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  • U$2,000,000

    Soft Cap
  • U$4,000,000

    Hard Cap

Why invest in Youthia?

Youthia is a new decentralized mobile protocol infrastructure on a secure, public permissioned blockchain hybrid that specializes in verifiable youth commerce in global trade. Youthia is pioneering a new narrative for economic participation called verifiable transactions or #VT.

With a state-of-the-art crypto token, the YTH will power potentially millions of youth hubs by creating an uncontested market space. Youthia has a Minimal Viable Ecosystem with an existing and fast-growing network of early adopters standing at 2156, growing on average by 5% per week. By delivering a near-zero marginal product, monetization will occur on the protocol layer within the network.

Youthia will focus on the aggregation construct for building a network of engaged users from maximized utility scenarios who are incentivized to drive massive ownership effects. Youthia has a first-mover advantage providing an urgent product to an exploding market.

An Open-Source Network Owned by You

Drive Profitable Commerce from a Mobile Device

Faster, Cheaper and Scalable Verifiable Markets

Earn YTH Tokens

Multi-Hub Smart Contracting
Decentralize Products and Services
Mobile Chain Infrastructure
Big Data Capability and Mining
Manage Time-Bound Trade Flows
Smarter, Targeted Commerce

What is Youthia?

The Youthia network achieves staggering economies of scale by allowing any youth entrepreneur to participate as an independent hub – the core building block – that does not rely on a single coordinator. Youthia enables youth hubs to connect, transact and share information/responsibilities more efficiently and securely through our mobile chain. Using Youthia, youth hubs can eliminate traditional business and financial barriers and integrates buyers, financiers and stakeholders into an efficient and secure global network. This creates a powerful incentive for youth hubs to amass as many products and services as they can and sell them to buyers. The protocol weaves these amassed resources into a self-healing, self-sustaining and self-thriving network running on mobile devices that anybody in the world can rely on.

Backed by the YTH, Youthia is bringing visibility and Youth Commerce Solutions through smart contracts supporting data privacy. We will build a public, secure, and scalable permissioned mobile chain for youth hubs, buyers, financiers and stakeholders to bring an algorithmic market as well as allow the deployment of decentralized template-based and customized optimization tools and applications with different use cases to support youth commerce on top of the protocol layer.

The mobile youth hubs generate commerce that is captured, aggregated, organized, and then directed into verifiable markets. Youthia employs a consensus verifiable market protocol around the youth hub and quadratic voting based governance to provide practical, finite time security guarantees. This feature is fully mobile optimized. The verifiable markets are operated by the Youthia network, which clearly outlines the Seller-Buyer interaction to guarantee that youth hubs have correctly executed the fulfillment and delivery of products and services to buyers. The smart contract-based network enables the production, exchange, demand, offer, and consumption of products and services to be publicly verified by participating nodes.


Token Sale

Youthia Token: YTH
YTH native protocol tokens are ERC-20 compatible and their purpose is to generate a valid ledger to seed the genesis file of the Youthia Main Net. The tokens will be distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to an ERC-20 smart contract. As the fuel for the Youthia network, the native YTH tokens will be used to execute governance, pay network fees, interact with the smart contracts, purchase products and services, validate state changes and all network computation. In addition, YTH tokens are used to build, use or access tools and applications built on the protocol layer with the Youthia SDK. The payment is calculated and made in YTH.
The total supply is 170,000,000 YTH with 7 decimals.

Private Sale: JOIN NOW!
The Private Token Sale will sell 6,000,000 YTH and receive up to a 30% bonus.

Public Sale: COMING SOON!
The Public Token Sale will sell 86,850,000 YTH.
Within two weeks after the Public Sale, the YTH tokens will be tradeable on the Bancor Network providing immediate and continuous token liquidity.

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  • Start

    08 October 2018 (00:01 CAT)

  • End

    28 October 2018 (00:01 CAT) or as soon as soft cap is reached.

  • Acceptable Currency


  • Number of Tokens for Sale

    6,000,000 YTH

  • Token Price


  • Minimum Transaction Amount

    U$50,000 worth of YTH

Distribution of Tokens


Token Sale (Including Bounties, Airdrops & Bonuses)




Company Reserve


Hedge Volatility & Future Token Offerings


Stakeholders & Development Partners

Use of Funds

43% Protocol Development
Competitive global talent, software hosting, integrations and acquisitions of hardware
35% Network Building
Onboarding mobile hubs and stakeholders, business development, marketing and sales,etc
22% Operations
Administration, business systems, obtaining required licenses, security measures, etc


  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4
  • Q1 2015

    Technical Proof of Concept.

    Q1 2019

    Local stakeholder engagement and finalization.

    Large scale network testing.

  • Q2 2016

    Seed funding from Development Bank of Namibia

    Nudge Mobile application development and beta testing

    Q2 2017

    Nudge Mobile Application Pivot.

    Q2 2018

    Token Generation Event.

    Governance Hardening.

    First YC Sourcing and Onboarding.

    Core Functional Protocol and Network on Tier 1.

    Strategic Recruitments.

    Q2 2019

    Tier 2 Functional Development and Activation.

    Exchange Listings.

    Local Stakeholder Engagement and Finalization.

    Large-Scale Network Testing.

  • Q3 2017

    Seed Funding from Bank Windhoek and Price Water House Coopers.

    Media Launch and Official Endorsement by Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Service.

    Q3 2018

    Tokens Trading on Bancor Network.

    Finalize Business and Legal Systems.

    Mainnet Launch.

    First Governance Cycle.

    Marketing and Media Relations.

    Q3 2019

    Release 2.0 network.

  • Q4 2014

    Research and Development of Proof of Concept at Microsoft.

    Q4 2019

    Release 2.0 Network.

    First SDK Release.

    Second Governance Cycle.


With an evolving team and strategic recruitments currently in the works, Youthia is committed to building a world-class, globally distributed team of passionate visionaries and specialized executors who get the job done, quickly. Agile. Adaptive. Responsive.

  • Mandy Shemuvalula

    Founder and CEO
  • Joshua Salima

    Chief Networks and Systems Officer
  • Mariana Shaakumeni

    Chief Public Relations Officer
  • Alex Ogega

  • Kingsley Etims

  • Michael Creadon

  • PB Stanton

  • Dan Westin

  • Carl Gunell


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