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We've been in denial for far too long, where we've been dishonest about what is the BIGGEST DEAL on the African continent. And because the orange elephant is in the room, I have appointed myself to be the sore thumb and make it clearly know what is already known. Africa is the only continent in the world that is significantly getting younger every single year. Every other continent is experiencing an aging workforce. On top of that, Africa's largest population segment is the youth. We understood that this is a BIG DEAL. The BIGGEST DEAL. So we decided to build a business around economically emancipating the youth demographic in radically new ways, with a particular focus on youth entrepreneurs. Let me introduce you to the Youthia Economy, arguably the orange elephant in the room. A bold attempt to industrialize young Africa through a brand new conscious capitalist youth economy that works in adjacent to the mainstream economy. A revolutionary youth economy that seeks to organize youth commerce in Africa. The Youthia Economy aims to re-structure the power of at least 1 million youth entrepreneurs at different levels of the value chain – from farmer, artisan, miner, inventor, producer, retailer to service provider. We’ve completely removed the guesswork for how youth entrepreneurs can be organized and created a structural design to ensure this demographic youth bulge drives economic growth and to support the youth in working collaboratively with each other to build profitable and sustainable ties across borders.

The Youthia Economy is our contribution to Africa’s need for bold youth investments to create a demographic dividend. It is reported that Africa stands to add $15 trillion to its economy only if Africa strategically invests in youth. This is a nice chunk of change to channel towards the development of the African continent. We believe as Youthia, that this orange elephant can empower Youthians, youth entrepreneurs within the Economy, enough to contribute to the GDP of African nations as well as fuel every single industry on the continent. I cannot think of anything more important.

If you are an African youth entrepreneur, become a Youthian here:

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